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Who Are Short Bowel Survivor &Friends?
Short bowel survivor and Friends are a Registered Children’s Charity set up by parents/carers of children with the life threatening condition known as Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) Reg No:1149354

What Does Our Organisation Aim To Do?
Our mission is to provide support and advice to families suffering from SBS through our website, where reliable up-to-date information is available for everyone to access. See: for further information.<

We also want to raise awareness of Short Bowel Syndrome as an acute form of intestinal failure throughout the UK and beyond, thus making it an uncommon – but recognised condition. Through fundraising and public donation, our long term aim is to provide money for research into better treatments for SBS and to offer support to families with children suffering from SBS. Our Facebook site allows parents to communicate with other families who share a common interest in the condition with its many difficulties. In this way families can offer each other mutual support and help them to see that they are not alone in the World.

We have organised some events throughout the year to raise funds for the charity and to bring families together for a Christmas Party, Teddy Bears Picnic and a Pop Concert.