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“Appetite for Life” is an association for home parenteral and enteral (HPEN) consumers in Poland. We had set up our association in 2012 with the amazing example and experience of the Oley Foundation and PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Nasogastric Nutrition Therapy, based in the UK).

After just a year of functioning, “Appetite for Life” had more than eighty members, and we’re growing very quickly. We wish to build a strong community of people who will support each other and share their experience in the nutrition field.

Our main goal is to improve quality of life of homePEN consumers in Poland by organising meetings with doctors, psychologists, nutritionists etc. but also between our members. For instance every summer we organize summer camp for children and their parents. Shorter, occasional meetings take place throughout the year.

Another very important aspect of our activities is to raise awareness of nutrition treatment. We accomplish this through our website (and various publications such as guidelines for patients, general HPEN information and healthcare issues. Finally, we are also in regular contact with the Polish Public Healthcare System.

One of our flagship events is Soccer Nutrition Day, which aim is to help raise awareness of the need for portable pumps for home parenteral and/or enteral nutrition (homePEN) consumers in Poland. Despite of other attractions the centerpiece of such event is a soccer match between a team of medical professionals and a team made up of members of Parliament, actors, professionals, and Olympic soccer players. We wish to inform people about HPEN and entertain them with “Appetite for Life”.

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